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12 October 2023 - The Philippine Embassy in Canberra will conduct a Mobile Consular Mission to Perth, Western Australia on 14 to 16 November 2023 at the FACPI Clubhouse located at 1 Catherine Street, Bedford, WA.

The Mission will serve passport applicants and administer the oath of allegiance to petitioners for dual citizenship who have received approval letters from the Embassy and conduct overseas voting registration for the 2025 Philippine elections.

Passport Application

The passport appointment slots will be made available at 6:00PM (Perth time) on 21 October 2023 (Saturday) through the DFA’s Global Online Appointment System (GOAS) which can be accessed by copying this link and pasting it on your browser: Dual citizenship oath takers with approved appointments for their oath taking do not need to set a separate appointment for passport application as they will already be provided with a timeslot for passport application should they wish to apply for one. Please see below section for more information regarding dual citizenship.

Payment is not required to secure an appointment and documents are no longer required to be mailed to the Embassy. It is illegal to transact with ‘fixers’ in order to schedule an online appointment.

In consideration of other applicants, multiple bookings for one client is prohibited. If the system detects multiple bookings for one person, all the bookings will be canceled. The Embassy is unable to accommodate walk-in applicants during the dates of the mobile consular mission.

Personal appearance is required for all passport applicants. It is highly recommended that minors be accompanied by the mother.

Female applicants who wish to change their surname to their married name are reminded to present, among others, either the original Philippine Embassy Report of Marriage (ROM) that is less than a year old or an original Philippine Statistics Authority Marriage Certificate, together with photocopies. The Australian marriage certificate is not a sufficient requirement to change the surname in Philippine documents. Please follow this link for the complete requirements:

For children who will apply for a Philippine passport for the first time, the original Philippine Embassy Report of Birth (ROB) that is less than a year old or an original Philippine Statistics Authority Birth Certificate is required to be presented together with photocopies, among others. The Australian birth certificate is not a sufficient requirement in applying for a Philippine passport. Please follow this link for the complete requirements:

For naturalized Australian citizens who will apply for a Philippine passport for the first time after their Australian naturalization and retention/reacquisition of Philippine citizenship, the original Philippine dual citizenship documents (Oath of Allegiance, Order and Identification Certificate) and the original Philippine Statistics Authority Birth Certificate together with photocopies are required, among others. Please follow this link for the complete requirements:

Dual Citizenship

Please visit for the complete list of requirements. Only those who have received approval letters from the Consul General and have confirmed appointments will be allowed to take the oath during the mobile mission. Please note that the Embassy’s auto-reply for all emails is not a confirmation of your appointment for the oath-taking ceremony.

It is your personal responsibility to make sure that your application has been received and that you have been scheduled for the oath-taking ceremony which will be conducted at 8:00 am of 14 November 2023.

Please send an email with subject Perth Mobile Mission to and attach a copy of the approval letter from the Consul General to book an appointment for oath-taking. All queries on dual citizenship will only be responded to via this email address.

For those who have not yet applied or who have not yet completed their application process, the Embassy will process applications for dual citizenship oath- taking in Perth that have been received at the Embassy by 07 November 2023.

Dual citizenship oath-taking is also held year-round at the Philippine Embassy in Canberra every Thursday, subject to prior confirmation of appointment.

Overseas Voting Registration

Qualified voters, i.e. Filipino citizens who are at least 18 years old on 12 May 2025, in Perth are encouraged to register for the overseas absentee voting (OAV) for the 2025 Philippine National Elections.

First time overseas voters, transfer of registration records, correction of entries, reactivation and changes of address will be accommodated. There are no appointments needed for the OAV registration. Walk-in applicants are welcome.

The overseas voting period for the 2025 Philippine National Elections will take place on 13 April 2025 until 12 May 2025.

To register, all applicants must accomplish the Overseas Voter Registration Form (OVF1) and personally submit the same to the mobile consular mission in Perth on 14 to 16 November 2023. Applicants must bring the following requirements:

  1. Accomplished OVF-1; and
  2. Valid Philippine passport or other acceptable Philippine IDs if these have not yet reached date of expiry plus one photocopy.
Other acceptable Philippine IDs (if not yet expired):
  • (for Dual citizens under RA 9225) Original or certified true copy of the Order of Approval issued by the Embassy or Identification Certificate issued by
  • the Embassy or the Philippine Bureau of Immigration;
  • (for seafarers) photocopy of Seafarer’s Book;
  • National identification (ID) card under the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys);
  • Postal ID card;
  • PWD ID Card;
  • Senior Citizen's ID card;
  • Driver's license;
  • NBI clearance;
  • SSS/GSIS or other UMID ID card;
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID card; or
  • License issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).
Queries related to the registration for overseas absentee voting may be sent to



The information provided in the online appointment system and the passport application form must be true and correct. The documents that will be submitted should be authentic. Under the law, making false statements in passport application form, furnishing falsified or forged documents in support thereof are punishable by law.

This appointment and scheduling system allocates slots on a first come, first served basis. Appointment slots are not for sale and non-transferrable.

Users accept the responsibility for supplying, checking, and verifying the accuracy and correctness of the information they provide on this system in connection with their application. Incorrect or inaccurate information supplied may result in suspension or rejection of your application.

Any information submitted in the system is subject to data privacy/protection and other pertinent laws and regulations.

The email account used for the appointment must be valid, active and accessible as the appointment confirmation will be sent to that email account. Users must have a valid Gmail or Yahoo email address. Contact details to be provided, such as address and phone numbers, should be the contact details used in Australia so that these may be used in contacting the applicant should there be a need to do so in relation to his/her passport application.

Please ensure that you select the correct site, "Outreach Mission", when setting up the appointment. Only those with appointments at the correct site will be accommodated.

Applicants who wish to change their appointments are reminded to cancel their old appointment schedule before securing a new appointment slot in order to avoid multiple bookings.

Filipinos who have acquired Australian citizenship through naturalization have lost their Philippine citizenship. They are not allowed to apply for a Philippine passport until they have reacquired/retained their Philippine citizenship under the Philippine Republic Act 9225 (Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003).


  • Applicants are also reminded to read and understand all the documentary requirements for the consular service they want to avail of. Please click below for the list of requirements.
For Adult Applicants (18 years old and above)
For Minor Applicants (below 18 years old)
  • Personal appearance is required for all passport applicants. Minors must be accompanied by the mother.

  • Each applicant is required to bring the original version of all required documents plus one photocopy of each document. Failure to bring all required original documents and photocopies may cause delay or denial of the service. Photocopying services are not available.

  • Applicants are required to wear decent clothing for passport photo capture. Per Philippine passport guidelines, pieces of jewelry, eyeglasses, artificial eyelashes, piercings and contact lenses, plunging necklines, sleeveless clothing, see-through tops, and the like are not allowed during photo capturing.

  • Payment by credit/debit card (surcharges will apply) OR bring postal money order made payable to the Philippine Embassy.

    Passport fee - A$108 per applicant
    Lost Passport fee - A$270 per applicant

  • Prepare self-addressed prepaid REGISTERED POST or EXPRESS POST PREPAID return envelope for mailing of your new passport/s.
  • The Embassy assumes no responsibility for any delay loss or damage in the mail or while the documents are in custody of the courier service. The applicant should note the tracking numbers of all envelopes used and submitted.
  • Queries related to passport renewal in the mobile consular mission in Perth may be sent to Applicants are requested to indicate “Perth Mobile Mission 2023” in the subject.
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