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Dual Citizenship

Download PDF Petition under Oath Re-Acquire/ Retain Philippine Citizenship under R.A. 9225

Former natural-born Filipinos who have lost their citizenship by foreign naturalization may re-acquire or retain their Philippine citizenship. Likewise, their qualified dependents may also be included as beneficiaries and acquire the Philippine citizenship.

Qualified dependents are those children of applicants, whether legitimate or illegitimate or adopted, who are below 18 years old. There is a corresponding fee per beneficiary that is included in the application.

A child who is already 18 years old and above and was born when either of the parent was still a Filipino needs to apply for retention of citizenship on his/her own behalf.

For dual citizenship application, the following must be submitted to the Philippine Embassy in Canberra personally or by postal service:

1. Two original accomplished Petition Under Oath which can be downloaded from www.philembassy.org.au;

2. For persons born in the Philippines, two Certified True Copies (CTC) of NSO-authenticated Birth Certificate with Registry number (Note: PSA issued Philippine Birth Certificates may be ordered online through the PSA website: www.ecensus.com.ph or www.psa.gov.ph (fees apply) and Two photocopies (CTC) of old Philippine passport;

3. For persons born outside the Philippines, whose parents (one or both) were still Filipinos at the time of birth, the original copy of Report of Birth (ROB) issued by the Philippine Embassy in the country of birth;

4. Three (3) recent passport-sized photos of the applicant taken against a white background;

5. Two photocopies (CTC) of Certificate of Foreign Citizenship;

6. Two photocopies (CTC) of the data-page of foreign passport;

7. For married female applicants, PSA-issued Philippine Marriage Certificate with Registry Number or Report of Marriage if applicant is married outside of the Philippines. Please refer to the Civil Registry section of this website for information on making a Report of Marriage (ROM).

* If previously divorced, certified true copy of Final Decree of Divorce;

* If widowed, marriage certificate and death certificate of spouse are required;

* If the applicant had a previous Philippine marriage, the Philippine Marriage Certificate with annotation of nullify of marriage is required;

* If the applicant has a previous Australian marriage, the marriage certificate and divorce decree issued by the Australian Court are required

8. Payment of processing fee of A$90.00 by postal money order or bank draft payable to the Philippine Embassy;

9. If applying by postal service, include a self-addressed stamped/prepaid return envelope and mail to the Philippine Embassy, 1 Moonah Place, Yarralumla, ACT 2600.


The Petitioner may include in the Application children or minor age (i.e., less than 18 years old) as dependents. The Petitioner must submit the following:

1. Two accomplished Identification Certificate Application Form for each dependent 2. Three (3) passport-sized colored photos with white background for each dependent (taken within the last three months) 3. Two photocopies each (certified true copy) of the following documents:

* If born in the Philippines, NSO or PSA Birth certificate of each dependent child. If the dependent was born outside of the Philippines, the Report of Birth issued by the Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate in the country where the child was born. Please refer to the Civil Registry section of this website for information on making the Report of Birth.

* Two photocopies (CTC) of old Philippine passpot for each dependent.

* Two photocopies (CTC) of Australian Citizenship of each dependent.

* Two photocopies (CTC) of Australian passport of each dependent.

4. Processing fee of AU$45.00 for each dependent.

**NOTES: The Embassy may require additional documents to verify certain circumstances of the petitioner or inconsistencies in the records.**

The Embassy assumes no responsibility for any delay loss or damage in the mail or while the documents are in custody of the courier service. The applicant should note the tracking numbers of all envelopes used and submitted.

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