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Republic of the Philippines
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Traditional Filipino Martial Arts Arnis demo held in Canberra on Independence Day month

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13 June 2024, CANBERRA – In celebration of Philippine Independence, a public lecture and demonstration on Filipino martial arts Arnis, also known as Eskrima or Kali, was held on 09 June 2024 at the Tuggeranong Community Center in ACT.

Organized by the Philippine Australia Association of the ACT and Monaro Region, the event featured a lecture by Associate Professor Robert Parkes of the University of New Castle and Director of the Eskrima Academy on Arnis, its history, rules and regulations. Grand Master William Bermas, a widely respected mustrador (knowledge-holder and representative) of Filipino martial arts from the Negros Occidental and Western Visayas region and who also teaches at the Marinduque State College, led the Arnis demonstration participated in by students of the Eskrima Academy.

Ambassador Ma. Hellen De La Vega attended the event and expressed her appreciation to the organizers and to Grand Master Bermas and Professor Parkes for their commitment to promote awareness and understanding of Arnis in Australia.

Arnis is the national martial art sport of the Philippines and an integral part of Filipino cultural heritage and history. The sport emphasizes weapon-based fighting wherein the primary weapon used is a cane or known in Filipino as baston. It includes hand to hand combat, grappling and weapon disarming methods. It is primarily focused on practical self-defense techniques that can be used in real-life situations. Practitioners are trained to defend themselves against armed and unarmed attackers, making it a valuable skill for personal protection. It offers a holistic approach to personal development and well-being that can benefit individuals in various aspects of their lives. END

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