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CalligraFilipino Celebrates the Cultural Significance of Baybayin

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Taipan Lucero started CalligraFilipino (Baybayin Fine Art Calligraphy) to celebrate pre-colonial writing and traditional Filipino culture (Photo provided by Taipan Lucero).

28 August 2020 –To cap off the celebration of Buwan ng Wika (Filipino Language Month), the Philippine Embassy in Australia with the Department of Tourism in Sydney features Taipan Lucero, the artist behind CalligraFilipino or Baybayin Fine Art Calligraphy.

Baybayin is an ancestral writing system in the Philippines. Through his work, Taipan provides an artistic interpretation of Filipino pre-colonial writing with traditional Filipino cultural elements. His work has helped generate renewed interest in Baybayin among the youth. Hear his story and view his work at the Philippine Embassy Cultural Gallery

The video is based on a documentary on Taipan Lucero by Shanai Monique Porras and Jov Mendoza available in:

To learn more about Taipan’s work, visit the website of CalligraFilipino END

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