Republic of the Philippines
Republic of the Philippines
1 Moonah Place, Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Australia

POLO ADVISORY 01, Series of 2020

/ overseas labor office

(Balik Manggagawa)


For Filipino workers in Australia, Nauru, Vanuatu, Tuvalu and New Caledonia who have started working with the company and are planning to have a vacation or those who are already vacationing in the Philippines who:

  • Have existing record with POEA but who changed employer on-site or who transferred from another country;
  • Have no record from POEA when they exited the Philippines and was employed onsite such as those previously holding visas other than working or open work visa.

Please be advised that you need to process your OEC in the Philippines per POEA Memorandum Circular 02 series of 2019.

POLO will verify employment contract which the worker needs to present to POEA as a requirement when applying for an OEC under Balik Manggagawa (Returning Worker).

Effective 15 May 2019, the following requirements must be submitted for verification of employment documents as a pre-requisite for OEC issuance:

  1. Hard copy of the employment contract (full time or permanent)
  2. Hard copy of Signed addendum (Annex A) as hereto attached to comply with the minimum requirements of the POEA in employing Filipino Workers abroad which will form part of your existing employment contract
  3. Hard copy of Working Visa
  4. Photocopy of worker's passport biopage
  5. Paid self-addressed return envelope (Australia) or airwaybill from international courier (outside Australia) to your preferred location of receipt (jobsite or Philippines) of documents.

An insurance policy may be submitted in lieu of the addendum provided there is a provision for repatriation and medical evacuation to the Philippines in case of worker's death or severe illness.

The verification fee is AU$18.00 payable to POLO - Philippine Embassy Payment may be made through Australian Money Order (Australia) or a Bank Check / Draft

Please send the foregoing requirements through mail/courier to POLO, Philippine Embassy Canberra-POLO, 1 Moonah Place, Yarralumla ACT 2600, Australia.


  1. For Filipino Workers whose OECs were processed under the name hire and agency hire with verified employment contracts and have not changed employer, they may create their BM Online accounts through this website: and set an appointment to the nearest POEA in their location in the Philippines and present their verified employment contracts.
  2. For Filipinos Workers whose OECs were previously processed under BM Online and did not change employer and jobsite, they may acquire exemption through their BM Online Account.

For workers who are in New Zealand, Marshal Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Cook Island, French Polynesia, and Niue kindly transact with POLO - Wellington through their e-mail address:

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