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Republic of the Philippines
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Reporting a Vital Event Which Occurred Outside Australia and Philippines

All vital events (Report of Birth, Report of Marriage, Report of Death) occurring to Filipinos residing abroad shall be reported to the Philippine Foreign Service Post (PFSP) i.e. Embassy or Consulate General that has jurisdiction over the place where the event took place. The following PFSPs may act as receiving PFSPs to accept the reports of registration of vital events which occurred outside of Australia, such as the birth and marriage of Filipino nationals, for onward transmittal to the PFSP with jurisdiction over the place where the vital event occurred:

If you are from New South Wales, please click here or contact the following:

  • Email:
  • SMS mobile number 0415 426 400 for consular concerns
  • Telephone number (61 2) 9262- 7377

If you are from Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania, please contact the following:

If you are from other states in Australia, or from Nauru, Tuvalu or Vanuatu, please coordinate with the Philippine Embassy in Canberra with the following contact details:


  The applicant/s shall be responsible for coordinating directly with the PFSP with jurisdiction over the place of occurrence of the vital event. This is to ensure that the requirements in reporting the vital event complies with the requirements of the concerned PFSP.

  The receiving PFSP will collect the service fee for the notarization, handling and the delivery to the concerned PFSP that has jurisdiction over where the vital event took place. The PFSP with jurisdiction will be responsible for recording the vital event in its Civil Register and for transmitting the Report to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

  The personal copy of the applicant will be sent back to the receiving PFSP and released to the applicant.

Requirements: Please click on the links below for the requirements:

  - Report of Birth (ROB)
  - Report of Marriage (ROM)
  - Report of Death (ROD)

Filing can be done through either of the following:

  1. IN PERSON (personal appearance is required if the child will also apply for a Philippine passport).
  2. - Please call the Registry Section at (02) 6273 2535 extension 233 to set-up appointment
    - For passport application you need to book an appointment on the Embassy’s website

  3. BY MAIL
  4. Send all the requirements and applicable additional documents along with the following:

    • AUD 45 payment for the Report of Birth/Marriage payable by a postal money order or bank cheque to the Philippine Embassy. If paying by credit card please provide the credit card name, number, expiry date and cvv number at the back of the card).
    • AUD 45 payment for Affidavit of Delayed Registration of Birth/Marriage, Report of Death, if applicable.
    • Pre-paid express return envelope (large size) with return address.