Renewal of Philippine Driver's License for Filipinos Abroad

Apply by mail or through an authorized Representative in the Philippines. Philippine driver's licenses cannot be renewed in Australia.

Applicants must send by mail or courier or have delivered by their Representative to the Land Transportation office in the Philippines the following:

  1. Photocopies of Passport (first page, visa-page & pages indicating the date of last departure from the Philippines & date of last arrival overseas);
  2. Letter of Authority to authorized representative to renew your license;
  3. Photo-copy of driver's license and driver's license receipt (DLR), (if applicable)

The above documents must be submitted to either the LTO, License Section Central Office (within the National Capital Region) or to any LTO District Offices / Licensing Centers (Outside Metro Manila).

The driver's license shall be validated by issuing a driver's receipt (DLR) which will serve as temporary driver's license (TDL);


Professional: PhP 350.00

Non-Professional: PhP 350.00


Expired for less than one (1) year               :PhP   75.00

Expired for one (1) to less than (2) years     :PhP 150.00

Expired for two (2) years and more             :PhP  225.00

Note: On your return to the Philippines you must present yourself within (30) days at the LTO Office that renewed your license whilst you were overseas to have the license updated for general usage in the Philippines.

Bids and Awards