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Advisory for Filipinos in Western Australia on Consular Services

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29 November 2019 – The Philippine Embassy in Australia announces that Mr. Michael Gillis, Philippine Honorary Consul to Western Australia, will end his term effective 31 December 2019. The Embassy expresses appreciation to Mr. Gillis for his service to the Republic of the Philippines.

Kindly note that the Philippine Consulate in Perth will be open during its usual office hours 9:00am – 3:00pm on Mondays to Friday only until December 23, 2019. Following this, the Philippine Honorary Consulate in Perth, Western Australia will be temporarily closed until the appointment of a new Philippine Honorary Consul to Western Australia.

To avail of consular services from the Philippine Embassy in Australia, Filipinos in Western Australia are requested to be guided by the following:

  1. Notarization / Legalization and Other Services - Documents that will be used in the Philippines that are executed, signed, or issued in Australia must either bear a consular notarization from the Philippine Embassy/Consulates or an Apostille Certificate from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in order for the documents to have legal effect in the Philippines.

    Please visit https://www.philembassy.org.au/consular/authentication on how to avail of this service from the Philippine Embassy.

  2. Assistance to Nationals – The Philippine Embassy in Australia provides assistance to Filipino nationals in distress in Australia.

    Please visit https://www.philembassy.org.au/consular/other-services/assistance-to-nationals or contact us through atn@philembassy.org.au or (02) 62732535.

    In cases of emergencies during after hours, please contact us through +61408735383.

The Philippine Embassy also continues to provide the following services:

  1. Passport Applications – The Philippine Embassy conducts mobile passport missions to Western Australia twice a year. The mobile passport missions for year 2020 will be in July and November.

    Please visit https://www.philembassy.org.au/latest/advisory/mobile-passport-missions-in-2020 for updates on the schedule of mobile passport missions.

  2. Dual Citizenship Applications – The requirements are available in https://www.philembassy.org.au/consular/dual-citizenship and may be posted to the Philippine Embassy in Canberra, 1 Moonah Place Yarralumla ACT 2600.

    Applicants who receive a letter of approval may schedule their oath taking during the mobile passport missions in Western Australia in July and November. Please email visaanddual@philembassy.org.au to schedule your oath taking.

  3. Registry of Birth and Marriage. The requirements for these services are available in the following websites and may be posted to the Philippine Embassy in Canberra, 1 Moonah Place Yarralumla ACT 2600

    Registry of Marriage - https://www.philembassy.org.au/consular/report-of-marriage

    Registry of Birth - https://www.philembassy.org.au/consular/report-of-birth

For further queries, please contact the Philippine Embassy through cbrpe@philembassy.org.au or (02) 62732535. Visit www.philembassy.org.au for the opening hours of the Philippine Embassy.

The Philippine Embassy appreciates your patience and understanding. Thank you. END

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